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How to replace an ignition barrel?

* Please note that this post is for informational purposes only. Do not attempt to replace the ignition barrel yourself unless you are fully qualified to do so. 

If your ignition becomes faulty, and you can’t turn the key, you’d probably need your ignition barrel replaced. Every vehicle has a slightly different procedure for replacing the ignition barrel but for this demonstration we’re using a general guideline. 

I want to give you a rough idea about how things are done so if you want to do it yourself you can find some detailed videos suitable for your model on YouTube. 

The ignition barrel replacement process 

  1. Remove the plastic cover: The ignition barrel is covered with plastic on both sides. You need to remove that first. Take a look and understand how the panels are attached. Sometimes you need to start by the dashboard panel to reach the panels around the steering wheel. Usually you need to slightly move your steering wheel both sides to reach the panel holder screws.
  2. Remove the old lock: When you remove all the obstacles around the ignition, you can start to detach the lock. Search for a button you can push. (you may need a sharp point tool to reach it). While you push the button, start to pull the lock. If it’s not moving, set the lock to a different position.
  3. Insert and push down the new lock until you hear a clicking sound. Make sure you place the panels back and secure them with the screws. 
  4. If your lock comes with a new key, you need to take out the programmed transponder chip from the old key. Be careful not to damage the chip. Put it to the new key and try to start your car.

Problems to handle if you replace the ignition lock DIY.

If you buy a new lock that comes with random different cuts that do not match the keys on your door. You can use both keys together but we offer 24 hours emergency auto locksmith  services to solve your key problems.

We can rebuild your new lock so it will match your door locks.

We are also able to upgrade your blank manual key to a remote and, and you can have spare too.