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The first step in replacing a lost or damaged car key is to cut a new key blade that works on the door and on the ignition as well. First, we need to find out what lock type the car usesWe have a list of the possible locks that can be fitted depending on the make, model and the year of the vehicle. Sometimes the car manufacturers make changes to the vehicle within a year. Thats why we check the correct model by the registration number or the VIN number. A 2010 Renault Megane can be a generation 2 (X84) model or a generation 3 (X87/X95). If we find the correct model of the car then we can find the blank key reference for the vehicle.

If the vehicle has no key available we need a key code to cut a blank key. The key code contains all the parameters for being able to manually cut the key blade. 

The key code can be obtained manually by a lock decoding tool called “lishi.”

Insert the lishi tool into the door lock as far as it will go. Put some pressure on the lock by pushing the tool in gently. Click the inside wafers one by one until the lock is in the opening position. After gently touching the wafers inside the lock to feel the depth of the cut. Cut the key according to the decoded number on depths.


If the lock is too old, faulty, or dirty, we can clean it with a special lock lubricant. If none of these is helpful, we can buy the key code from the dealership.

Advantages and disadvantages of the two methods.

Lishi car lock decoder

  • Can be done any time.
  • After you buy it for a lock it’s free to use all the time.
  • Lock decoding can go fast.
  • Mastering the tool requires a lot of knowledge and practice.
  • Not work it there is a problem with the lock.
  • There are hundreds of lock types its very expensive to buy them all.
  • Can take hours to unlock a problematic lock.
  • Sometimes the car alarm starts to sound while you decode the lock so you may need to work on the lock in a VERY loud environment.

Buying the key code from the dealership.

  • Very simple you only need to find the right cuts associated with the key code.
  • You can cut the blade before so you just simply open the car with the blade.
  • You don’t need to spend time decoding the lock with the Lishi tool.
  • Buying the key code is expensive.
  • Non-refundable- means if you pay for it and the customer finds the key in the meanwhile you cannot claim the money back.
  • Not working if the door lock is replaced. 
  • Not instant. Most of the time you need to wait hours or days for the code to arrive.

Have you ever been in the unfortunate “Car Lockout” situation where you’ve locked yourself out of your car and did not know what to do? This is a situation that many people find themselves in, but luckily there are a couple of ways you can help yourself in order to open your locked car. 

We’re at Oak Auto Locksmith have put together a guide showing the process from start to finish. By the end of it you’ll know how to decode a car lock if your key needs replacing, got lost or damaged. 

We do however advise you to call us if such a situation occurs as replacing the key does require additional steps. This guide can be very handy if you’ve locked yourself out of the car. With the “Lishi” tool you can unlock your car to retrieve your keys.