Every situation is different and so is every car make and model. That’s why the price of a key replacement always varies. But don’t worry, you can get the exact price for your new key within 2 hours – just ask for a quote.

 We guarantee that we always provide our Auto Locksmith services 50% cheaper than your dealership.

We always work with the best quality key fobs, blades, remotes, and transponder chips, so your spare key will serve you for years.

Don’t hesitate; it’s free to ask and we always provide the best prices in the area.

If you’re in an emergency situation, text or call us for an immediate answer:

Before you call, please read this first.

For the fastest response, please send us the registration number of the vehicle and the postcode.

Please also describe what service you need.

  1. You lost all your key.
  2. You have a working key that starts your car, and you need a spare key. 

You can send us a text message or email, and we will send you the quotation within an hour.

Text or Call: 07747112039

 Email: [email protected]