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Car Key Replacement Hereford

Are you looking for a car key replacement service in Hereford ?

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If you’re looking for auto locksmith in Hereford, then you’re in the right place! We cover nearly all makes and models and have a quick response time.

Hereford is a beautiful city, it’s nice and relaxing to walk alongside the river Wye, but there is another side of the city. People are busy finishing their daily tasks, the roads of Hereford are full of traffic because everybody uses their own car. 

In case they lost their only key for the car, they cant leave their car with the dealership until their replacement key is ready.

The good news is that they don’t have to. Our Hereford based service offers an all-around car key cutting, and programming service, we are able to make new keys for the majority of vehicles.

Instead of towing your vehicle back to the dealership, we go to you, open your car, and cut your new key. You can call us if your remote fob is not working or if you need a spare key.


What are the most in demanded car keys in the Hereford area?

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  • Renault Megane Key Card
  • Renault Laguna 
  • Renault Grand Scenic 
  • Renault Modus 
  • Renault Clio 3 
  • Renault Traffic 
  • Renault Master 
  • Renault Kangoo 
  • Nissan NV400 
  • Nissan Primastar 
  • Vauxhall Movano 
  • Vauxhall Vivaro

I've locked my keys inside the car in Hereford city centre. Who can open it and how long does it take?

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Our team specialises in non-destructive car opening methods, taking between 2 minutes to an hour. Although we understand that a car lockout can sometimes be an emergency, we aim to reach you within 25-30 min and open your car as soon as we can.

I've lost the keys to my van. Is there any van specialist in Hereford?

Oak auto locksmith

Our team specialises in non-destructive car opening methods, taking between 2 minutes to an hour. Although we understand that a car lockout can sometimes be an emergency, we aim to reach you within 25-30 min and open your car as soon as we can.

How long does it take to replace a key card for a Renault Megane?

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Programming a new Renault key card is relatively fast compared to other vehicles. However, the most time-consuming step is decoding the lock and cutting a new key blade. 

We usually program a new key card for your Renault Megane, and the emergency blade can be done later when you are in a hurry.If your isn’t a lost key, it’s only the case it is not working; it’s enough to copy the emergency blade.

Most Renault Megane or Renault Scenic owners don’t lose their key card; they get a: “Key card not recognised” or “Key card not detected” message on their onboard computer. These keys need to be fixed, or we can supply a new key and program it to your vehicle.

I need somebody who can cut my car key at a fair price. Can you recommend a car locksmith in the Hereford area?

Oak auto locksmith

You can find several key cutting services in Hereford, some of them can duplicate manual car keys, but none covers all the popular vehicles used in the Herefordshire area. If you give us a call and explain your problem, we can find the best and most cost-effective solution for your situation. For example, if your blade broke inside the lock, you need broken key extraction and a key fob repair service.

You can also combine our locksmith services if you need a key repair, a spare car key, and a couple of household keys to be copied. No problem, we offer high-quality service at the same or lower cost than any other locksmith shop in the Hereford area near you.

Can an auto locksmith cut and program a key purchased on eBay?

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Yes, we can. Most of the time, it’s not worth buying your key for several reasons.

  • You don’t know the key source, and if the key is faulty, it’s hard to get a refund.
  • We offer good quality OEM or aftermarket keys suitable for your vehicle.
  • We probably beat the price of your key from eBay, Aliexpress or Amazon, and you only pay for the key after you check it works!
  • You can be sure your key is matching with your car. It’s easy to make a mistake when you order a car key; lots of them look similar, but the transponder chip or the remote chip is slightly different. That means it will not program the vehicle.

I bought a car in an auction with no keys. Can I bring an auto locksmith to the auction site to make a new remote key fob for me?

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Yes, can we offer that service too? We can give a quote for a lost key replacement so that you can calculate the final price of the vehicle.

What's the price for a spare key for my Citroen Berlingo in the Hereford area?

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A Citroen Berlingo key costs around £110-£140, depending on your postcode and the model of the vehicle.

How much is a new programmed remote fob for a Ford Transit Connect?

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A lost key replacement costs around £160-£180 plus travelling costs, spare keys £110-£130.

Where can I upgrade an old-style square key fob for my Nissan Navara?

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We are aware that the square style two-button keys fobs sometimes can be worn, and the buttons stop working, not locking or unlocking the car. We can replace them with better quality flip key style fobs that are much more durable, and the blade is protected because of the flip key mechanism.

The buttons are not working on my Vauxhall Corsa key fob. Is a new battery fix the problem?

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The first step in identifying the problem is to replace the battery. Sometimes you can do it yourself. For example, most car key fobs use a CR2032 battery.

Make sure you correctly insert the battery. If your key fob still does not send the signal and the car is unresponsive, you can give us a call, and we will repair the fob.

Are Mazda keys fobs expensive? How can I order a new one?

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Mazda key fobs are in the medium price category. Mazda vehicles require at least two keys to be present at programming. Therefore, if all keys are lost, we need to program two keys for the car.