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Do you need your car keys programmed in Worcester?

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If you’re in need of a car key programming service in Worcestershire, then look no further than Oak Auto Locksmith   We utilise the latest tools and technology to get your car key programmed quickly and efficiently, so you can get back on the road in no time. Trust us for all your car key programming needs – we’re here to help!

The bridge between the key and the vehicle - The transponder

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battery stabiliser for car key programming

The car key is connected via a chip called the transponder chip. The transponder chip doesn’t require a battery; it works regardless of how damaged the other part of the keys is. 

This chip is essential and designed to be durable. It’s usually placed in a strong plastic shell inside the key fob on the same side where the blade is located. Once the transponder chip is programmed, the vehicle will not lose its connection until it’s erased from the car’s immobiliser system.

One of the most common challenges motorists face is a weak battery which can easily be replaced by visiting a traditional local locksmith like Timpsons. 

The mechanics of the car key fob

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If the battery has been replaced yet the remote still doesn’t work, it’s likely because it requires electricity to generate the right signal to activate the central locking system.

Without any battery support, the remote fob would lose its connection with the vehicle. In which case, it needs to be reprogrammed by an auto locksmith. See our step by step guide below, where we walk you through the reprogramming process.

The Key programming process

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renault key

If the key light is flashing the vehicle yet does not start, the key is likely being recognised by the car as un-programmed. These connections can be lost both from the key and the car’s side. 

First, The auto locksmith must check the following: 

  • Is the transponder chip still inside the fob?
  • If so, is it in the correct position? 
  • Have the ignition coil received the key data to check if the transponder chip data is valid 
  • has the ignition coil received the key data? 
  •  Is there any immo system related fault code on the car

Replacing any of those faulty parts can usually solve the issue. However, if a transponder chip has been replaced, the key needs to be reprogrammed. You need to know the capabilities of your key programmer. In some vehicles, you cannot perform key programming without a working key. 

There are three different options to program a car via OBD.

  • “Add Key” 
  • “Adding a key by removing all other keys.” 
  • “Needing a programmed the key to program a new car key

If you notice immo light is flashing, please don’t try to fix it yourself. If your car does not start, but the immo light is on, it’s not advised to make further attempts; it requires professional help. 

Attempting to start the vehicle with an un-programmed key can put the vehicle into anti-theft mode, making the key programming process significantly longer. 

The first step of the car key programming process is to get a blade made. Then, we need a unique pin code for the vehicle immobiliser system to perform the key programming.

Usually, you can find this code printed on the first page of your owners handbook or information card.If you don’t have it do not worry we can easily get your pin by OBD or alternatively it can be purchased from the dealership or extracted from cars’ onboard computer. 

How to program an un-programmed car key?

car key programming
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How to program an older car key 

  • Cutting the key (make sure it’s working on the door and ignition as well)
  • Attach a battery stabiliser to the car 
  • Search for the OBD slot and plug your programmer in 
  • Search the right make and model by the VIN
  • Turn the ignition in the ON position
  • Connect right software to the vehicle 
  • Enter the PIN code of the car or obtain via on board computer 
  • Follow the steps of your key programmer when you are ready try the key 

How to program a newer more advanced car key such as a proximity key.

Programming a proximity car key is very similar therefore we advise to follow the steps outlined above and the key cutting step can be done anytime. If the client does not require this it can be skipped/left out.


Key fob cloning, How to duplicate your key

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The core idea behind cloning your car key is to copy the data across from one transponder to another one. This can be done in several ways. There is an option to clone transponder chips made by manufactures like texas crypto using the 4D 63 chip. These chips are used by vehicles such as Ford and Mazda. 

Also ID46 chips are made by Phillips and used for Hyundai vehicles amongst others .Other ID46 transponder chips require ignition coil data reading. This can be done by inserting the data reading device close to the ignition coil while the key is inserted.

Specific transponders like the ID48 are well encrypted decoding transponders and harder to copy. ID48 is mostly used by the following car manufacturers: VW,Seat,Audi, Skoda. 

Programming via OBD

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The OBD port is a universal socket which connects to various devices to communicate with the vehicle. We can perform the following actions using OBD:


  • Diagnostics 
  • Software Update
  • Syncronise the vehicle after a replaced part
  • Reset fault codes and program new keys 
  • Mileage correction
  • Airbag reset

Nearly all cars are password protected. Passwords sometime can be referred to as pin codes or immobiliser codes. If you have any of the these codes it in the vehicle’s paperwork please let us know. 


The more information we know the faster we can carry out the required service. Adding keys via OBD connection is exactly the same method used by all car manufacturers. We can add new keys with genuine manufacturer programmers as well as 3rd party universal key programmers.  

EEPROM reading and programming

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The key information is stored in the vehicle’s computer on an EEPROM chip (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory). We use this method of key programming when there is no other option available. This can be a time consuming process as we need to remove certain parts from the vehicle in order to access the EEPROM chip. 

This chip is located in the car’s computer board storing information that cannot be accessed by standard OBD connection. We remove this chip from the circuit board and read the key information. When we are ready we can program a new key with the data received from EEPROM. If the above was successful we re-install it back to the car.



Reasons to program a car key via EEPROM:

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There are various reasons the EEPROM method has to be used and here are the most common ones : 


  • The vehicle pin code is unavailable.
  • The car key programming can only be performed with a working key in case of an “all keys lost “ situation. 
  • The car does not allow third-parties to program a new key via OBD.