Oak Auto Locksmith

Car Key Cutting

Are you curious about how auto locksmiths gain entry to a locked vehicle without a key?

We have a special high-quality Japanese tool to pick the lock, then decode the biting of the key.

Car key cutting-the most satisfying part of the process. We cut many car keys; every blade is different; for example, a Ford Focus car requires a HU101 key blade.

In the following video, I cut an Audi A3 key. The vehicle uses a HU66 type.

After that, we can create a completely new key. Unfortunately, a perfect replica of the original key is now enough to break through most modern car security systems.

Every key fob has a little hole inside, which is where the transponder chip is located.

We need to program this chip to the car’s security system so the key can start the engine.

One of the best feelings for an auto locksmith is when you’re able to decode the key’s biting. In the video below, I cut a decoded Audi key.

Check if car key cutting is available for your vehicle. Click here for our manufacturer page.