Lost Car Keys

Do you ever find yourself in situations where you’ve searched absolutely everywhere, but have no idea where your car keys are? If you’re anything like the rest of us, this usually happens right before you leave for something important. In this situation, you could always choose to get a new set of keys from the dealer – but that means you’ll have to arrange for your car to be brought to the dealership. In other words, your vehicle needs to be towed. You might have to leave it there for several days, or even a week, so the dealer can duplicate the key and order the proper accessories to program it. All in all, this can end up costing you upwards of £500.

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Replacement Car Keys

Our vehicle locksmith has all the tools and software needed to provide a high-quality service for your car. We cover all frequently used cars. Give us a call for a quote; we always offer the best prices. We can cut, program, and supply new keys for just about any make or model of car or van. We always guarantee a quality job on your vehicle.

Auto Locksmith Services for All Makes and Models

We offer a much easier option. Simply call us and we’ll come to your car’s location as quickly as possible. Our vehicle locksmith has all the tools and software needed to provide a high-quality service for your car. We cover all frequently used cars and are able to make a replacement key with a transponder chip that is correctly coded to your car. We offer the best prices and will solve your problem quickly.

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It’s also risky to go about your business with only one key. Making a spare key is not only a lot cheaper than making a replacement, but also helps you avoid getting stung by Murphy’s Law. After all, you always lose your keys when you need them most, so end the search early with a spare key for your car. Having at least two keys for your car also increases the price of your car if you intend to sell it privately or to a dealership.

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This is our list of the most popular manufacturers that we can help with. If you don’t find your car listed, don’t worry! Just send us a text with your car’s make and model and we’ll get back to you shortly with a quote. You can text or call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Car Key Programming, All makes
Car Key Programming, All makes.

Manufacturers we can help with