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How to increase your car valuation on webuyanycar or similar sites?

Do you want to reduce the hassle of selling your vehicle privately?

I understand you. Dealing with customers can be challenging if it’s not your profession. There are alternatives.

You can go to car selling sites like:





These websites give you a fair valuation for the first time, so you tempted to fill their form, asking when the MOT due, faults, dents on your car will. The most significant price drop is when you have only one key for your vehicle.

It’s natural to lose the spare keys for a used vehicle.

Go to the dealership and order new keys cost a high amount of money, and to be fair, it’s not cost-effective, but there is a TRICK.

Call an auto locksmith, explain the situation, that you want to sell your car, and you need to increase the number of your keys the cheapest way possible.

You don’t need a fancy key with remote just two more simple one what starts the car.

Check the difference between 1 and 3 key on the site, get a quick quote from the auto locksmith and do your math.

Sets of keys: 1.
Sets of keys: 1.
With only one key.
With only one key.
Sets of keys: 2.
Sets of keys: 2.

In the end, you earn hundreds of pounds of profit.

The auto locksmith came to your address, cut, and program your spare key for your vehicle.

Of course, there are other obvious things that you can do to increase the value of your car, but this is the most lucrative.

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